IEP: When Parents and Schools Disagree

In this video, Shannon Penrod talks with special education attorney Devon Rios Barellano about some of the common disagreements parents have with school districts. Suggesting that nobody should do it alone, parents often need the objectivity, or a sounding board with an attorney or someone with legal experience. Parents need support to evaluate options, and to figure out what they need.

The number one suggestion Shannon makes is to never sign the IEP at the meeting. Once that document is signed it’s more difficult to go back and unwind it. Always make sure you know what you’re giving up vs. what you are getting. This is an important talk that will help parents understand some of the basic problems that can and do come up when in disagreement with your child’s school.

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When Parents and Schools Disagree by: Autism Live, Shannon Penrod
Initial Release Date: Jan 13, 2015
Source: Youtube

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