John Pitney: The Politics of Autism Education

John Pitney: The Politics of Autism Education

There are many factors to consider when planning your autistic child’s education. Location and grade are two things that will affect programs you have access to. It also helps to know the policies and positions of politicians up for election, as you can make voting decisions based on your child’s needs.

Shannon Penrod of Autism Live interviews college professor John Pitney on educational policies regarding autism, as well as the differences between primary education and college education for autistic students.

John Pitney: The Politics of Autism Education by Autism Live
Initial Release Date: Oct 20, 2015
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Location plays a role in how easy it is to get educational support for an autistic child. Some schools have better programs than others.
  • As therapy and treatment for autism improves, more and more autistic people will get the opportunity to attend college.
  • While many colleges are prepared to receive autistic students, most of the laws regarding special education that apply to public schools do not apply to colleges.
  • Knowing the stances of politicians on autism is important as well. Vote based on what policies you want to see in legislation.

Take into account age, location, and law when creating an educational plan. Schedule a consultation with us or watch our free videos on education to learn what  the best path forward is for your child on the spectrum.

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