Nutrition for Autism shown 5x Beneficial for Children

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Nutrition for Autism shown 5x Beneficial for Children

A healthy diet can have a measurable positive effect on your autistic child. Learn about the nutritional benefits of vitamin supplements, fish oils and gluten free diets from Dr. James Adam.

The Director of ASU’s Autism Research Program, Dr. James Adam, discusses his nutritional intervention study, which found that autistic children with dietary interventions developed five times faster than autistic children without the same plan.

Nutrition for Autism shown 5x Beneficial for Children: 12-Month University Study RESULTS by Nourishing Hope
Initial Release Date: August 11, 2015
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • A 12-month study showed that a group of autistic children gained 20 months of development with nutritional intervention.
  • The control group, using no dietary assistance, gained only 4 months of development.
  • The treatment improved intellectual function, developmental ability, language and social interaction.
  • There is evidence that children with autism need increased amounts of certain nutrients.
  • While no treatment will help every child, these interventions were shown to help many children.
  • Nutritional interventions have substantially improved the metabolisms of many autistic children.
  • Nutritional intervention does not require a physician; you can work with a knowledgeable nutritionist, or even on your own.

We know it can be difficult creating and choosing the correct meal plan and dietary intervention for your child. You’re not alone! . Take a look through our online marketplace for a host of supplements, snacks and cookbooks to help you shape your autistic child’s diet.

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