Part 2: The Second Step in Tackling Any Problem Behavior

Dr. Mary Barbera is an autism mom and a Board Certified Behaviorist. When and where does the problem behavior happen? Who, what, where, are the questions to ask. What happens right before the behavior occurs – called the antecedent. What do you do when the behaviors occur? What are the consequences?

Dr. Barbera teases out some of the questions you need to ask, and supports you to collect the data to get a baseline of the problem, yet this is not always easy. Dr. Barbera supports you to figure these things out, and what to do when the behaviors are so consistent you cannot write them all down, interviewing others, and videotaping, photos, etc. to support and document a baseline.

The Second Step in Tackling Any Problem Behavior
By:Turn Autism Around / Dr. Mary Barbera
Initial Air Date: Aug 21, 2017
Source: YouTube

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