Self-Care Strategies for Families with Children with Disabilities

Self-Care Strategies for Families with Children with Disabilities

Parents of children with special needs, such as autism, must take care of themselves. Looking after their own needs will better allow them to take care of their children. 

Learn from Missy Longman as she discusses self-care strategies for parents of special needs children. She goes in depth on the needs that should be met, how to meet them and the consequences of failing to meet them.

Self-Care Strategies for Families with Children with Disabilities
By: CADREworks
Initial Air Date: Jan 9, 2019
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Self-care is about reclaiming the joy in your life, rediscovering ourselves and rebuilding your health.
  • There is a large community of people dealing with the same issues you are, and they would love to be able to support you.
  • Hormone levels indicate that mothers of autistic children have similar stress levels to those of combat veterans.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to things that will not work for you.
  • You also need to be able to ask for assistance when you need it. People in your life are willing to help you, but you need to tell them what you need from them.
  • Finding joy in life helps us rediscover ourselves. Activities that make you feel alive, lose track of time or that you were passionate about in the past can make you happy and recharge you.
  • Physical support groups can be hard for parents of children with disabilities to attend due to scheduling difficulties, but online support groups can be very accessible.

Are you a parent of a child or teen with autism? There are many ways for you to look after your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, like the tips suggested above. Take a look through these self-care videos for more ways to take care of yourself, because you’re important and your child needs the best version of YOU.

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