Signs of Autism in infants

This video discusses signs and symptoms of autism which were present in the video creator’s child as early as 6 months (they were diagnosed at 2.5 years old).

Up until the 6 month point, there were no concerns with her child’s development, yet soon after concerning signs began to uncover themselves, such as a lack of acknowledgment of his name. At 10months, her child began to flap his hands, which is a common form of stimming. Other signs included a fixation on the spinning wheels of a toy truck, prolonged periods of flipping through the same book, and refusing foods with certain textures.

This video provides glimpses at the development of her son at various ages, with video shot of her son at those times.

Signs of Autism in Infants by thenlifehappensagain
Initial Release Date: May 30, 2019
Source: Youtube

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