So you think you have Asperger Syndrome?

So you think you have Asperger Syndrome?

In this video created for individuals who suspect they may have Aspergers Syndrome, creator Different As Pie discusses what led to her thinking she may have Aspergers. She notes that she has always felt different from others and always had trouble relating to both children and adults, but could never fully understand why she did not fit in with others easily.

When she was younger, the creator of the video remembers observing and copying behaviors of those around her, a practice which is often referred to as “masking,” and which is especially common with young girls on the spectrum. She also struggled academically, especially with subjects like English, where the answers might be more subjective. This eventually led her down the path of suspecting she may have Aspergers, when she sought help for mental health during her time at university.

Even though she related to certain symptoms of Aspergers when she first considered it, she still did not feel as though it fully explained her struggles in her life. However, she kept researching it over time, and eventually found a list of Aspergers traits in females which made her much more certain that she indeed has Aspergers.

Finally, Different As Pie discusses the difficulties and perseverance which was required in order to receive her diagnosis, and in turn receive necessary support. Her desperation to have a diagnosis of some sort allowed her to stick with it through multiple doctors and assessments, and eventually she was diagnosed with Aspergers officially.

So you think you have Asperger Syndrome?
By: Different As Pie
Initial Air Date: Apr 15, 2016
Source: YouTube

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