Top tips to prepare your autistic child for starting school

In this video, strategies for parents who are about to send their autistic child to school are discussed. School can be a difficult environment for children with autism, as they are placed into a space which can be demanding academically, socially, and sensory-wise.

It is important for parents to begin preparing their autistic kids for school anywhere from 6-12 months in advance of their first day of classes. Parents should discuss what the school day will look like with their child, from the schedule of the day to the people they will be around. It is good if parents can arrange a meeting with their child’s teachers ahead of the school year, so both sides can become familiarized with each other, and so teachers know about the child’s needs.

Another good strategy is to arrange for your child to visit the classroom and become acquainted with the setting. Taking pictures of the child’s classroom and play area to show them as the school year approaches is also a helpful strategy.

Top tips to prepare your autistic child for starting school
By: Creating Connections Australia
Initial Air Date: Mar 28, 2018
Source: YouTube

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