Trying to Quiet a Loud Autistic Child or Toddler

Trying to Quiet a Loud Autistic Child or Toddler

It can be embarrassing and disruptive when your autistic child is loud around other people. How do you handle these situations? Check out the video below for tips on how to manage your child when they’re being too loud in certain surroundings.

Learn from Stephanie as she discusses what to do if your child is being loud in public, whether they’re having a meltdown, doing it for fun, or just don’t have a good sense of volume.

By: Our LANDing Crew
Initial Air Date: Oct 28, 2017
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Putting your hand over your child’s mouth will likely only make them louder, and may trigger a meltdown if they are not already having one.
  • By giving them attention and showing them that they have an audience, you may extend the behavior even longer.
  • When it comes to family, it will depend on the setting. In your own home, continue to handle your child as you normally would. If you are at someone else’s house, try to head off any incidents early by paying attention to warning signs. Redirecting and distracting can stop a tantrum or a meltdown before it begins. 
  • If redirection does not work, sometimes your best option is to move them to a secluded area.
  • If family members try to help, they may mean well, but sometimes they can actively worsen the situation.
  • Trying to drown out the noise your child is making will backfire for several reasons, notably that your child likely has sensory issues that this will trigger.
  • If you need a break, ask someone to provide some respite care. Taking some time to destress and recharge your batteries, if only for a little bit, will help you maintain your ability to raise your child effectively. 

Often, trying to force your child to quiet down will have the opposite effect. Learning to handle loud volumes takes patience and self-control. For more everyday tips that will help you parent your child on the spectrum, check out our Free Video Library.

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