Understanding Autism Chapter 1: Understanding the Diagnosis

Understanding Autism Chapter 1: Understanding the Diagnosis

Are you wondering what a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder entails? Choosing the right treatment for your child is very important, and the stories and experiences of other Autism parents can help guide you down the right path.

This video will cover the definition of ASD, as well the common challenges it presents.

Understanding Autism Chapter 1: Understanding the Diagnosis by Seattle Children’s
Initial Release Date: Jun 23, 2015
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • ASD is a neurological disorder diagnosed based entirely on behavior.
  • The causes of Autism are not known, but there are known genetic and environmental factors that can be greater risks.
  • Autism affects a child’s ability to socialize with others.
  • Children with ASD can have serious problems with communication, ranging from restricted words use to a complete lack of verbal communication.
  • Autistic children may exhibit strange behaviors, often fixating on specific things and developing repetitive behaviors and fixed schedules.
  • They may also have sensory issues, being easily overwhelmed and oversensitive to certain sensations.
  • The earlier autism is diagnosed, the more can be done to treat the disorder.
  • The ASD diagnosis can be difficult for parents to deal with, but accepting it and facing the challenge head-on with the support of others can be a tremendous help.

An ASD diagnosis can be a challenging task to handle, but you are not alone. Check out our blog for stories of people just like you who have risen to the challenge and made the most of their situation.

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