What is ABA Therapy?

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (or ABA therapy for short) is used to modify an autistic child’s behavior. It reduces challenging behavior while improving life skills such as communication and socialization.

This video discusses the assessment process for ABA therapy. It also goes into detail on the different types of therapy available and the benefits that they can provide.

What is ABA Therapy by Easter Seals Southern California
Initial Release Date: Feb 2, 2018
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • ABA therapy can help autistic children function as independently as possible in their natural environment.
  • ABA therapists work with family members to reduce challenging behavior and encourage positive behavior, as well as teaching life skills.
  • Early intervention can improve an autistic child’s life in the long term.
  • An ABA assessment takes place across three to four visits spanning approximately one month.
  • Life skills such as communication and socialization are analyzed to see if they need to be focused on.
  • There are two types of ABA: Comprehensive and Focused.
    • Comprehensive ABA therapy consists of 25-40 hours a week, and is geared towards closing the gap between the autistic child and their neurotypical peers.
    • Focused ABA therapy is approximately 10-25 hours a week. It focuses on limited treatment areas such as self-care, socialization and reducing concerning behaviors.
  • Parent involvement is critical, as it helps the child apply their new skills and behaviors outside of therapy sessions.

ABA therapy is an excellent resource for helping your autistic child learn and grow. By assisting to shape behaviors, you can ensure that your autistic loved one lives a full and independent life. For more resources in your area, visit our Resources by location page.

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