Why he doesn’t go to MAINSTREAM SCHOOL | Autism Vlog

Why he doesn’t go to MAINSTREAM SCHOOL | Autism Vlog

While public school is usually the starting point for children with autism, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Depending on how effective the schooling is and the challenges the child faces, it may be better for the child to be enrolled in a specialized school instead.

Learn from the Chapmans as they explain why their autistic son, Andy, attends a specialized school instead of a public school.

Why He Doesn’t Go to a MAINSTREAM SCHOOL | Autism Vlog
By: Kevin Chapman
Initial Air Date: Sep 27, 2017
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Andy managed to leave his school without anyone noticing or stopping him, meeting his mother on her way to pick him up.
  • Autistic children often have trouble sitting still for extended periods of time, so one-on-one assistance can help keep them on-task. Public schools may have this type of support, but a specialized school will be better geared towards providing this care.
  • Andy is smart, but he missed out on a lot of development due to being in public school. Now he is having to make up for the time he lost in his specialist school.

Determining which school to send your child to can be challenging, with many factors to take into account. Schedule a consultation with Ability Life Solutions to help determine which choice is best for your child on the spectrum.

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