7 Pre AUTISM Diagnosis Tips YOU NEED to know

In this video, Dan from The Aspie World gives several action steps that one should take prior to getting an autism evaluation. He recommends that someone who is thinking about getting an evaluation should: make a list of their quirks (enlisting the help of a friend or family member if possible), research local doctors and clinics who specialise in autism, compose a list of questions and concerns to take to the doctor in order to reduce the anxiety involved in the diagnosis process, and get a friend or family member to go with them to the assessment

This leads to a key point of Dan’s video, which is that during the initial appointment with a doctor you’ve chosen, you should be sure to ask for a referral to someone who can do the autism assessment. The process for getting a diagnosis is often a lengthy one, so asking the doctor for the referral during the initial consultation is important to make sure that you are progressing as quickly as possible towards the assessment.

The final tip that Dan suggests for anyone who is seeking an autism diagnosis is to plan a fun and relaxing event for after the assessment, because it can be a draining process, and such an event is a good way to recharge afterwards.

Along with the video, Dan also provides a link in the video’s description to a free Pre-Diagnosis checklist, available as a .pdf. If you found this video helpful, be sure to check out Dan’s other videos in this series, “AUTISM Diagnosis Process (7 Things YOU need to do)” and “After AUTISM Diagnosis Info YOU NEED

7 Pre AUTISM Diagnosis Tips YOU NEED to know by The Aspie World
Initial Release Date: Sep 27, 2018
Source: Youtube

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