AUTISM BEDTIME ROUTINE TIPS || Autism Tips For Caregivers

AUTISM BEDTIME ROUTINE TIPS || Autism Tips For Caregivers

Every parent knows the struggle of getting little ones to bed on time! There’s always one more book, one more glass of water, and one more question that kids will use to prolong the inevitable. Parents with children on the spectrum know how much even more challenging the “going to bed” process can be! It helps to hear the “been there, done that” advice of other parents who have been in the same situation. In this video, one of our favorite moms shares the autism bedtime routine tips that worked for her family.

Autism Bedtime Routine Tips

In this video by Our LANDing Crew, Stephanie talks about the stress she felt while struggling to put her autistic son Noah to bed. Sometimes she and her husband would spend 4-5 hours with their son before he would fall asleep. If you can relate, you’ll want to hear the advice she has to share.

Her number one suggestion to parents who are also struggling with bedtime is to be patient. It takes time for a child who is struggling to go to sleep to develop a routine that helps them fall asleep quickly.

A couple of things that have helped Noah to fall asleep easier were having quiet music or white noise playing, having a weighted blanket (and a fan for the heat), and having a nightlight in his room. Melatonin also helps Noah relax and fall asleep better, but Stephanie warns to speak to a physician about it first before trying it with your kids.

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AUTISM BEDTIME ROUTINE TIPS || Autism Tips For Caregivers
By: Our LANDing Crew
Initial Air Date: May 5, 2017
Source: YouTube

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