Best Foods for Autism

In this Ability Life Solutions Video Favorite, preliminary research into the benefits of sulforaphane (an enzyme found in broccoli) for people with autism is discussed. A double-blind study which gave some participants with autism dietary sulforaphane and others a placebo found a significant improvement in social interaction, abnormal behavior, and verbal communication among those who had the sulforaphane, the effects of which reduced once those participants stopped ingesting the sulforaphane.

The results of this study suggest that small amounts of the sulforaphane compound, about 5 cents worth of broccoli sprouts, could potentially be more beneficial to individuals with autism than any other drug commonly used with those individuals. More testing needs to be done to replicate and confirm the results of this study, but the study does indicate a potentially promising new therapeutic dietary tool for people with autism.

Best Foods for Autism
Initial Air Date: Sep 27, 2017
Source: YouTube

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