I’m Autistic / Getting Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Holy sh*t I’m reading through these comments crying because everybody is struggling with the same stuff as me. I felt so alone like 5 minutes ago and now I feel so accepted like this is a family.” — Viewer Response  

Kelcey Lynn (#actuallyautistic) shares a powerful presentation about the relativity of slips in the cracks for girls like her. Finding hope for her differences through a video just like this, Kelcey found her way to a school advisor who led her to get an ASD diagnosis. 

Kelcey’s awakening to her autistic-self, self-awareness, and other random facts about thoughts and feelings of finding herself in a life that now makes sense, Kelcey talks about learning about Twice Exceptionalism and when and how she stims/flaps her hands, and the hidden challenges eyes do not see. 

I’m Autistic! / Getting Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Kelcey Lynn 
Initial Release Date: February 18, 2018 
Source: YouTube

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