Relaxing Stretches for Stiff Muscles — Ask Doctor Jo

Dr. Jo shares 9 basic stretches to help relax your whole body in this easy-to-follow series of stretches to relax stiff and sore muscles. She recommends that each stretch be held for about 20-30 seconds for the perfect full-body stretch but cautions that you should not hold the stretches, this is just to get the muscles moving and to relax them.

Dr. Jo talks you through these stretches, recommending you begin with your neck, working your way down your body. She shows you how to do neck or cervical rotations, neck side bends, shoulder circles, and scapular or shoulder squeezes. Followed by trunk rotation, hamstring stretches, and thoracic or upper-back side bends. A whole-body stretch, making wide circles from above your head, will do a great job of relaxing those stiff muscles, and then you’ll finish with deep breathing to increase the oxygen in your system. 

Relaxing Stretches for Stiff Muscles — Ask Doctor Jo by AskDoctorJo
Initial Release Date: Feb 6, 2019
Source: YouTube

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