What is Autism? Do you know the signs?

What is Autism? Do you know the signs?

If you are a teacher and notice that a student is displaying irregular behavior, they may have Autism. Identifying Autistic behaviors in children can help teachers create effective lesson plans for students with autism.

This video will use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-4 (DSM-4) as a guide for helping teachers to understand symptoms of Autism.

What is Autism: Do you know the signs by behavior frontiers
Initial Release Date: Jun 17, 2011
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Once you understand Autistic symptoms, you can identify areas that need intervention.
  • Autistic characteristics include problems with socialization, communication, and repetitive behavior.
  • Autistic children have trouble maintaining eye contact while communicating.
  • Students with autism will not go out of their way to interact with others.
  • Autistic students may have delayed development of their verbal communication skills.
  • Autistic students may not respond to or initiate conversations.
  • Children with autism often do not typically engage in creative make-believe play.
  • Autistic children often engage in repetitive or obsessive behavior.
  • Students with Autism engage in self-stimulatory behavior, making repetitive noises, touching certain materials, or putting objects in motion in order to watch.

If you are a teacher, being able to correctly identify autistic behaviors is critical. If you notice social, communicative, and behavioral irregularities in one of your students, reach out to their parents. Need help providing resources? Ability Life Solutions can help. Book a consultation with one of our experts.

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