What is Autism? Do you know the signs?

In this video, which is geared towards educators, the symptoms of autism are explained [as they appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 4 (DSM-4; the most up-to-date version is the DSM-5)]. The video hopes to help educators understand which characteristics of a student are related to their autism diagnosis, and to identify areas of need for intervention.

According to the DSM-4, six or more symptoms related to problems with socialization, problems with communication, and repetitive and inflexible behaviors must be present for a positive autism diagnosis. Examples of specific symptoms include difficulty using non-speech behaviors for social interaction, a lack of social or emotional responding, a delay or lack of spoken language, repetitive use of language, and obsessions with inflexible and limited interests.

Another sign to look for in autistic individuals is the presence of Self-Stimulating Behaviors (SSB’s or stimming). Stimming can take many forms, from repetitive body motions, visual self-stimulating behavior (such as looking out of the corner of one’s eyes or at one’s hands), auditory behaviors (such as making repetitive sounds), and others.

What is Autism: Do you know the signs by behavior frontiers
Initial Release Date: Jun 17, 2011
Source: Youtube

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